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Manual Mobilization of the Joints. Volume III

Traction-Manipulation of the Extremities and the Spine

Freddy M. Kaltenborn


Manual Mobilization of the Joints. Volume III.

Freddy M. Kaltenborn

Traction-Manipulation of the Extremities and the Spine. Basic thrust techniques.

Spanish versión by Prof. Dr. J.M. Tricás

1st Spanish Edition, 2009. OMT-Spain


Freddy M. Kaltenborn was the first clinician to integrate the orthopaedic medicine theory and practice into the osteopathic practice. During more than five decades he has instructed many medical doctors, quiropractics, osteopaths and physical therapists in his manual treatment methods. Kaltenborn worked as a physical therapist and physical educator in his native Norway, he was acknowledged in orthopaedic medicine, taught as osteopathy teacher in the USA and he was quiropraxy professor in Germany.

Kaltenborn wrote this text for students starting with manipulation. It is a complementary volume for the classic Manual Physical Therapy handbooks which introduced thousands of clinicians in the whole world into the basis of the joint mobilization practice.

The students should be introduced in the safe manipulation techniques early in their basic clinical education so that they have the chance to develop their "head and hands" for this techniques during many years. In the past Freddy just taught manipulation techniques to experienced therapists because of the precautions about the patient's safety. Now, after decades of the teaching technique and the experience refinement, Kaltenborn has developed effective manipulation techniques which are safe in order to be presented in a didactic field as well.

The Kaltenborn's manipulation techniques apply a traction thrust after the slack has been lineally taken off in the joint's Actual Resting Position. This techniques are safe both if they are applied by experienced therapists or by non-expert hands. This basic handbook presents Kaltenborn's traction-manipulation techniques for the extremities and the spine. Each manipulation is presented in a simple and precise language reinforced by lots of clear photographs with the Kaltenborn's hallmark of the functional anatomy conjunction for the clinical practice. The first Manual Physical Therapy, Volume III edition: Traction-Manipulation is part of the book series of Kaltenborn which includes Manual Physical Therapy, Volume I: Extremities and Volume II: Spine.